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This blog is a reflection of many experiences and voices, not just my own. There are two options for being a part of the blog: writing an article and being interviewed. Please identify which option you're interested in.

If you'd like to be interviewed, we can meet in person, over video chat (Google Hangouts), or talk over the phone. I don't record most interviews as they're usually sensitive topics. I will always get your permission if I would like to record the interview for later reference. 

If you'd like to write an article, I will provide guidelines and work with you on feedback and edits. There is no specific word count and you're free to keep your writing voice.

For both interviews and articles you are free to let me know you'd like to publish anonymously, can change your mind at any time about publishing, and will always have the power to give the go-ahead or make changes after my edits and finalizing.

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