About Ginelle

Hi there. My name is Ginelle Testa and my blog is a fluid experiment with an ever changing purpose. I have an undeniable fervor to write and to put my work out into the world, so I have created an outlet in the form of this website.  Writing, reading, and community bring me endless healing and a sense of meaning. I hope that by sharing this blog, I can give some of that away to you. 

Here are 5 intimate fun facts about me:

  • My background is in social work and sociology, but I'm currently working in higher ed at Brandeis University

  • I'm a recovering alcoholic and drug addict (sober since 1/21/2014).

  • I've been practicing Buddhism since 2012.

  • I identify as bisexual / queer.

  • Some hobbies of mine are thrifting new eclectic attire, crafting delicious meals, and playing in a co-ed street hockey league.